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Diagnostics & Repairs

The first step in any auto electrical work is to diagnose the problem that your vehicle is experiencing.

With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our expert team uses the latest industry methods to trace the faults and issues in your vehicle’s electrical system. We’ll explore and view your vehicle’s electronic management system and access the data that helps us identify component faults in today’s complex modern cars.

The benefits of quick fault diagnosis

Our team uses a combination of experience, knowledge and diagnostic tools to look for a range of common faults, before exploring other issues with your auto electrical system.

Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll provide you with an explanation of the work that needs to be done before repairing the component and resetting your vehicle’s system. By using this technology, our clients enjoy a fast and efficient turnaround on vehicle auto electrical repairs, saving you money on expensive replacement parts and ensuring you’re back on the road quickly.

Why should you choose Williams?

While it might seem easier to just put up with electrical faults in your vehicle, there are inherent dangers in doing so…just as there are in having an unqualified or inexperienced mechanic attempt repairs.

As well as the risk of vehicle fires - which on average occur twice each day across Australia - many drivers are in danger of experiencing an emergency breakdown while driving, which is why you should always take your vehicle to a professional and licensed auto electrician.

Our technicians are ARC Licensed and VASA Approved, spending significant time upskilling each year and are proud professionals who treat every job with respect - we aim to do every job once and to do it right.

To learn more about our diagnostic methods, or to book an appointment to have your vehicle inspected, contact our friendly team today.

Your Can-Do Electrician

Our professional team have the experience and know how to diagnose problems fast.

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