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Air Conditioning Services

Choose a qualified and licensed auto air-conditioning specialist to look after your vehicle…we’ll replace damaged components, repair faulty systems and ensure you keep your cool on the road.

Our family owned and operated local business will provide personalised servicing and high quality work on all vehicles, and are proud members of the Vehicle Auto Servicing Association (VASA), Australia’s governing body for auto air-conditioning.

All our technicians are Automotive Air Conditioning (ARC) and VASA approved air-conditioning specialists and will treat your vehicle with care and respect.

Watch out for wear and tear

If your air-conditioning isn’t cooling your vehicle properly, it’s definitely time for a service. We’ll check for the most common problem - refrigerant loss - and use our expertise and knowledge to get you icy cool again!

High tech evaluations

Using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, our experienced technicians will also check your air-conditioning system for performance before letting you know which repairs they recommend.

Eco friendly solutions

Our team aims to always take an ethical and ecological approach to vehicle air-conditioning; we collect any waste refrigerants to dispose of them safely and without causing harm to our beautiful local natural environment. 

Why choose Williams?

As VASA approved and ARC licensed technicians, our team are always updating and upgrading our trade skills so we remain up to date with the latest news and products.

We know the importance of having a fully operational air-conditioning system, particularly in the tropical areas of Australia, and can service everything from your family car to heavy industrial machinery.

First, we’ll work to diagnose any issues with your air-conditioning, from a blocked evaporator causing poor air flow, to a leak in the system - this is one of the most common problems and is found using a pressure test.

Once your air-conditioning repairs have been completed, we can book you in for regular maintenance visits to ensure your system works better on an ongoing basis.

We can also service or replace a range of mechanical or electrical components, including:

  • Evaporator
  • TX valve
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver drier
  • Pressure switch
  • Liquid line
  • Suction line
  • O rings
  • Oil
  • Blower fan
  • Condenser fan
  • Gas
  • Compressor clutch
  • Thermostat
  • Relays
  • Fan speed control (resistor or electronic control)
  • Fan switch
  • Air-conditioning switch

For more information about your vehicle’s air-conditioning, or to book in a time to bring you vehicle in to our workshop, just contact our friendly expert team today!

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Our professional team have the experience and know how to diagnose problems fast.

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